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Real estate matters of a residential or commercial nature are of extreme importance to the parties involved. These are often some of the most significant transactions that an individual or corporation shall undertake in their lifetime. It is therefore highly recommended to seek legal counsel before signing any contract to gain a clear legal opinion.

Our firm’s objective in any real estate matter is to canvass the objective of the client and intervene to assure that their interests are protected. Whether you are opening a business, selling your home or you have an issue with your personal residence such a hidden defect, it is imperative to contact to a real estate attorney to ensure you know the proper steps to take in your specific situation.

We have represented various companies and individuals notably in the following real estate matters:

  • Latent defects in home or office;
  • Co-ownership disputes;
  • Drafting and review of offers to purchase (residential and commercial context);
  • Drafting and review of commercial leases;
  • Drafting and review of joint venture and co-ownership agreements;
  • Commercial litigation representing landlord;
  • Commercial litigation representing tenant;
  • Hypothecary recourses;
  • Construction liens;
  • Unpaid commissions for real estate brokers;
  • Our client was sold a home with various latent defects throughout the premises, particularly in his basement. His agent did not properly counsel him and the proper paperwork was not given to him prior to the sale as required by the Real Estate Brokerage Act. We have launched a lawsuit against the vendor and both agents involved and the case is presently pending before the Court.
  • Our client is the co-owner of a triplex with his former spouse. The other co-owner refuses to recognise the right of title to the property of my client. He wishes to sell the property and receive his portion of the value which is contested by the other side. The present case is set for trial in the Superior Court.
  • Our client is a commercial landlord whose tenant is refusing to respect his lease, repeatedly paying late and littering the premises with dangerous materials. We served the tenant a letter of demand and a notice of cancellation to vacate the premises.
  • Our clients decided to purchase a duplex for investment purposes with a third co-owner. We drafted a co-ownership agreement to protect our client’s rights in the eventuality that a dispute arises between the parties. The agreement clearly outlines each party’s obligations going forward which is necessary for any partnership.
  • Me Eidelmann was co-counsel on a ten day trial involving a commercial immovable worth over three million dollars. Our client whom was the plaintiff was seeking damages and the eviction of a problematic tenant.
  • Our client was recently denied access to a condominium unit because she was the owner of a service dog, also known as a therapy dog. We intervened on her behalf serving the condo syndicate multiple letters of demand. Ultimately they were forced to admit that their conduct was illegal and our client will be moving into the premises.
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