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Operating a business requires a team of dedicated individuals whom possess the expertise to assist you in reaching your goals. Your business requires competent, efficient legal services to protect its interests. Our goal is to provide turnkey services in order for your business to flourish.

Me Eidelmann is an entrepreneur and attorney who works with companies of all sizes in order to protect their rights and ensure they can focus on running their business. He has a sizable and trustworthy network of professionals who he co-ordinates with to ensure that your business is running optimally. When you engage his services you obtain his knowledge and access to his network of accountants, real estate brokers, financial advisors, financiers, banking services, insurance brokers, notaries, etc.

Our firm believes that sound legal assistance and strategic organization are central to ensuring the optimal functioning of your company. We recognize that no two companies are alike and your business requires particular attention and focus. When hiring us you will always receive tailor made and personalized services. We will even come and meet you at your place of business if need be.

Our commercial clients of all sizes rely on our legal counsel notably in following areas:

  • Incorporation of Canadian and Quebec corporations
  • Drafting of shareholder agreements
  • Minute book and corporate maintenance
  • Review of and drafting of commercial agreements
  • Review and drafting of financing/loan agreements
  • Review and drafting of commercial leases
  • Review and drafting of employment/services agreements
  • Creation of partnerships, trusts and joint ventures
  • Review of franchise agreements
  • Intellectual property
  • Commercial litigation
  • Small claims litigation assistance

Incorporate your Business

Why Incorporate?

Protect Your Personal Assets

Incorporating your business is one of the best ways you can protect your personal assets. A corporation can own property, carry on business, incur liabilities, and sue or be sued.

As a separate legal entity, a corporation is responsible for its own debts. That means creditors of a corporation generally can seek payment only from the assets of the corporation — and not from the personal assets of shareholders, directors and officers. In effect, that means business owners can conduct business without risking their homes, cars, savings, or other personal property. Owners of a sole proprietorship or partnership, on the other hand, face unlimited liability for both business and personal assets.

Have Easier Access to Capital

Raising capital is generally easier for a corporation, since a corporation can issue shares of stock. This may make it easier for your business to grow and develop. If you’re in the market for a bank loan, that’s another reason to incorporate. In most cases, banks would rather lend money to corporations than to unincorporated business ventures. Corporations generally have access to more alternative sources of capital through which they can pay off their debts.

Credibility for third parties

The benefits of incorporating go beyond finances. Suppliers, customers and business associates often perceive corporations as being more stable than unincorporated businesses. In a sense, having “Inc.” or “Corp.” after your business name conveys permanence, credibility, and stability, and communicates your commitment to the ongoing success of your business venture.

Perpetual Existence

Corporations are the most enduring legal business structure. A corporation can continue indefinitely, regardless of what happens to its individual directors, officers, managers, or shareholders. This means that by incorporating your business, you may be able to avoid the legal entanglements that could result with other business structures.

Flat Fee Pricing and Turnkey Service

We do all the work so you can focus on growing your business.

We offer various services to our corporate clientele in order to ensure they are in compliance with all of their legal obligations.


$999.99 +taxes
  • All relevant corporation name searches
  • Provincial government filing fees
  • Minute book
  • Creation of minute book (by-laws, resolutions, share certificates)
  • Access to our network of business professionals and experts


$1350.00 +taxes
  • All relevant corporation name searches
  • All relevant Federal and Provincial governement filing fees
  • Minute Book
  • Creation of minute book (by-laws, resolutions, share certificates)
  • Access to our network of business professionals and experts

Domicile Service

As an accessory service to our clients which we strongly suggest, we store and maintain their minute books at our office. This ensures that your company is always up to date and in proper order. This is important when raising capital for investment or in the eventual case that the government performs an audit on your company. If the minute book is not properly organized there can be negative consequences for the directors, shareholders or even the company itself. We even offer to receive all of the mail of our client’s vial our domiciliary service.

Cost of Domicile Service

We charge a flat fee of $199,00/year plus taxes to receive our client’s mail at our office. Thereafter we charge by five minute increments to scan and email the correspondence or to handle and mail it to you. The purpose of this services is for any administrator who does not wish to receive mail, letters of demand or lawsuits at their home and/or business. This also allows for counsel to communicate quickly with the business owner to handle legal matters.

Annual Corporate Maintenance

It is necessary for both a provincial and federal corporation to keep draft annual resolutions and place them in the minute book. This tracks any and all changes in the company and keeps track of the activities which occurred during the year such as changes to the administrators, shareholders and any dividends paid out to the shareholders, etc.

Cost of annual maintenance

We charge the flat fee of $199,00 plus taxes for each annual resolution to be performed for your company. For this price we shall also ensure the annual update is performed on the necessary corporate registry. The client is responsible to pay for any government fees due or those which are late. The flat fee of $199,00 does not cover any major resolutions which must be drafted such as share transfers, mergers, etc.

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